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The Artistry of Diego Gabriele: Live Painting in Action


Diego Gabriele was born in 1981. Active in the field of Live Painting, he is part of “Improposable” artist group. He has exhibited in Florence, Milan, Berlin, Genoa, New York, collaborated with Pitti Immagine and designed for the famous L’Eclaireur store in Paris. Diego designs on recycled materials, cartoons using plaster and acrylic.

The attention is directed to the female world and its “puppies” are very tender. The eyes speak and tell everything, revealing weird secrets, but also strong or passionate stories. They are childish and curious faces, which ensure our sympathy. After “I’m Nude” and “While watching” the young artist has presented the “Black Funds” cycle. Very white and some hint of red or blue: cardboard this time is black and well suited to the new dramatic expression.

The girls of Diego Gabriele, winking, playful, with big round eyes, are now more mature, aware. Surprises in the dark do not hide a resigned disillusion, a disenchanted place, the tiredness of those who can not share the
infinite heart. In the void around them they can not smile anymore, even with their eyes.

Diego Gabriele, Live Painting
Diego Gabriele, Live Painting
Diego Gabriele, Live Painting

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