Barbara Uderzo, no limits to the fantasy

Barbara Uderzo is a jewelry designer who creates unique and imaginative pieces that push the boundaries of what is traditionally considered wearable. Her designs are a reflection of her passion for art, beauty, and freedom of expression.

The materials from which she draws inspiration are, apart from metals, plastics, wood, paper or ephemeral materials like chocolate, sugar, ice and snow.
Her work focuses mainly on the conceptual aspect of creation: the idea of the project becomes an object related to the body. The jewel is a perceptual and sensory experience (bijoux-chocolat & glucogioielli,, a starting point for transforming events (candycandles, succulent rings), a narrative scenery in which miniature objects start to speak (blob rings) or else a silent witness of different geological and mineralogical findings (mineralogica, chains).

Each piece is a work of art, a unique expression of Uderzo’s creativity and skill. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or a subtle addition to your collection, Barbara Uderzo’s jewelry is sure to make an impression.

Barbara Uderzo, no limits to the fantasy
Barbara Uderzo, no limits to the fantasy

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