Brightening Up Provence: A Visit to the Theatrical Orange

The theatrical Orange, Provence
The theatrical Orange, Provence
The theatrical Orange, Provence

The Ancient Roman Theatre of Orange, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a remarkable tribute to the grandeur of the Roman Empire. It is the most well-preserved Roman theatre in Europe and was designed to promote Roman culture while distracting the population from political turmoil. The theatre had a seating capacity of 9,000, and the spectators were seated based on their social status, with the knights occupying the first rows, followed by merchants and citizens, and the highest rows reserved for slaves and prostitutes. The scaenae frons, a 37-meter-high stage wall, is the most elaborate part of the theatre, decorated with columns, friezes, and niches that were once adorned with marble mosaics and statues. It still has a 3.5-meter-high statue believed to be a restoration of Apollo, the god of arts and music, but it was originally believed to be a statue of Augustus. The scaenae frons’s importance lies in its ability to project unparalleled sound quality and purity.

The theatrical Orange, Provence

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