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The Child Within: The Amazing Art of Victor Mora

The Child Within: The Amazing Art of Victor Mora

Victor Mora is a Cuban artist whose work is characterized by a focus on childhood and the world of children. The art of Victor Mora is colorful and whimsical, often featuring playful and fantastical elements. He is known for his use of bright colors, intricate detail, and a childlike sense of wonder.

“I think with my life as an artist, I do what I want, I am happy, [and] I have a lot of opportunities when painting. When making murals I am known for my childish theme. I am trying to get that childish spirit inside. This is what my art is about. To not kill the kid that is inside of me.” – Victor Mora -Painter, muralist, illustrator, sculptor

One of Mora’s most famous works is a mural titled “The Children’s Corner,” which he created in 1961. The mural depicts a colorful, imaginative world inhabited by children, featuring images of animals, toys, and other playful elements. The mural has become a beloved landmark in Havana, Cuba, and is considered a masterpiece of Cuban art.

Mora’s art serves as a reminder of the importance of childhood and the need to protect and nurture the creativity and imagination of young people. Through his work, he celebrates the wonder and joy of childhood while also acknowledging the challenges and struggles that come with growing up.


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