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    The realism of a speed queen

    Convinced and energetic, Jelena Vicentic is not only a polyhedic artist but also a truly unique girl. I have met her in Milan in more than two occasions and during our…


    Belgrade’s Scene Art

    “The Spirit of Budo: The History of Japan’s Martial Arts“ The exhibition, organized by the Embassy of Japan in Serbia and the Japanese Foundation, in association with the Museum of Applied…


    Petar Mosic, pure realism art

    I have discovered this artist in concept store in Belgrade. Looking of one is of its oil drawings, it was enough to understand how much talent he possess. The ability to…


    Katarina Cudic, jewelry design

    She is an orginal jewelry artist with a special interest in history. Katarina started to explore history of Serbian jewelry, which resulted in her final thesis in 2006, Female Jewellery in…