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    Riad Viva, Marrakech

    Outfit Jo No Fui Silk Dress Tuareg Wedding Necklace L.a.b heels Balenciaga Clutch Izmir Gold Bracelets Vibrato Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour Location Riad Viva…


    One day in Paris, fashion girl’s guide

      LocationsSerotel Lutèce Hotel – Quartier LatinPantheon ParisÉglise Saint Etienne du MontLe Bar à Huîtres Montparnasse,Eric Bompard Cachmere, Rue Vavin 26Palais de Tokyo- UGO RONDINONE: I ♥ JOHN GIORNO…


    Ex Richard Ginori, Milan

    Outfit Moscot Lemtosh Eyewear Liviana Conti Silk Shirt Gareth Pugh Silk Pants L.a.b heels 3.1 Philip Lim Hand Bag Katarina Cudic Silver Ring Sefira Bracelet Tahitan Black Pearl Earrings Location Ex…


    Belgrade, the ‘New Berlin’

    “New Berlin” has become shorthand for an under-visited European city that is cheap, fun, and up-and-coming. People have been racing to determine its successor. Belgrade share many of the elements that…


    Top 5 places to visit in Bulgaria

    1) Belogradochik Rocks 2) Plovdiv, millenary history and region of Thrace 3) Boyana Church, the most important collection of Christian art – 9 km from Sofia 4) Sofia, the second oldest…