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    10 Things of Munich I Love

    1) Alter Peter -St Peters Church Tower 2) Pinakothek der moderne and Shmuck Design 3) Zum Franzikaner Restaurant and Traditional Bavarian Food 4) Hemmerle Jewelry, a fourth generation family run 5)…


    7 Things of Nuremberg I love

    1) Alte Kuch’n Restaurant 2) Frauenkirche 3) Toy Museum 4) Fleisch Bridge 5) St. Lorenz Church 6) St. Sebaldo Church 7) Shopping in Nuremberg Locations Toy Museum…


    9 Things of Dresdren I Love

    1) Dresden by night 2) Procession of Princes (Fürstenzug) 3) Meissen Porcelain Boutique 4) Dresden’s Green Vault 5) Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche) 6) Pfund Molkerei Milk Shop 7)Walking on the…


    Berliner Dom, a stunning view

    An impressive basilica.. the present Baroque structure dates only from 1905, but stands on the site of several earlier structures. During World War II, the building was bombed by the Allies…


    5 Things of Leipzig I Love

    1) St. Nicholas Church 2) St. Thomas Church 3) Auerbach Keller Restaurant 4)Jewelry Designer 5) Ancient Coins Boutique Locations Auerbach Keller Restaurant Schmuckwerk Jewelry Online Shop Ancient Coin Online Shop…


    Hamburg, the Hanseatic city

    There are many ways to discover Hamburg, the Hanseatic city and fascinating commercial hub, rich in tradition and at the same time modern. There are a lot of things to see…


    Bremen, Town Musicians

    One of the reasons why the name of Bremen is known to the world is the story of the Grimm Brothers “The Bremen Town Musicians.” To them is dedicated one of…


    Amazing Schnoor District, Bremen

    A famous historic district of the city center, composed of small buildings XIV – XIX century, escaped to the destruction of the Second World War and restored in subsequent years. The…


    Cologne Cathedral and the Shrine of 3 Kings

    An imposing Gothic structure with 2 twin towers 156 meters high is the unmistakable symbol of the city. During the Second World War the bombing destroyed almost 90% of the city,…