One Day in Lyon: 7 Great Places You Should See in 2024

One Day in Lyon - Radisson Blu Hotel

Oh, Lyon, the city of hidden gems and untold stories! It’s as if the secrets of the world have found their home in this enchanting French city. Today, my fellow wanderers, I invite you on a thrilling escapade, a journey to uncover Lyon’s best-kept secrets, all in just one day. The clock is ticking, so let’s waste no time and dive headfirst into the wonders of Lyon.

Breakfast at Skybar of Radisson Blu Hotel:

To start our day in style, let us indulge in a lavish breakfast at the Skybar, located in the Radisson Blu Hotel. As we savor the delectable pastries and sip on freshly brewed coffee, we are greeted by breathtaking views of Lyon spread out before us. The city awakens, and as the morning light embraces the vibrant streets below, we feel a sense of anticipation for the adventures that lie ahead.

One Day in Lyon - Radisson Blu Hotel Skybar
One Day in Lyon - Radisson Blu Hotel Skybar
One Day in Lyon - Espace Diego Riveira

Espace Diego Riveira

Fueling our curiosity, we make our way to the Espace Diego Riveira, a hidden gem situated on Rue Georges-Gouy in the 7th arrondissement, Built on the model of Mexican squares with arcades and diagonal circulation, Espace Diego Rivera consists of a public square surrounded by three gigantic frescoes in the colors of Mexico. In the center of the small square, benches decorated with feathered serpents allow people to sit and contemplate the frescoes.

One Day in Lyon - Espace Diego Riveira
One Day in Lyon - Espace Diego Riveira

Mur de Canuts

One Day in Lyon - Mur de Canuts

Created by Cité de la Création in 1987, this mural spans a 1200 m² blind facade, making it the largest in Europe. First updated in 1997, it regularly reflects changes in the neighborhood, including aging the residents depicted on the facade. For instance, a young man carrying his bike in the original mural was shown as a young father with his daughter in the 1997 update. Renovated and updated again in 2013, the mural now portrays a lively neighborhood that blends history and modernity.

This evolving mural represents the Croix-Rousse district, the neighborhood of the “Canuts,” who were silk workers in the 19th century. It features typical buildings of the area with their tall windows and 4-meter high ceilings designed to accommodate looms. The mural also includes several nods to Lyon’s culture, such as a small Guignol theater and Vélo’v, the city’s self-service bicycles. A central staircase allows you to climb the hill between the tall buildings of the neighborhood, giving the mural a striking sense of depth.

Univers de Guignol

No visit to Lyon would be complete without experiencing the charm of Guignol, a traditional puppet show that has captivated audiences for centuries. At Univers de Guignol, we witness the magic unfold as the handcrafted marionettes come to life, weaving tales of adventure and laughter. Through the age-old art of puppetry, the essence of Lyon’s cultural heritage is brought to life, allowing us to connect with the city’s traditions in a whimsical and enchanting way.

One Day in Lyon - Univers de Guignol
One Day in Lyon - Univers de Guignol
One Day in Lyon - Univers de Guignol
One Day in Lyon - Univers de Guignol
One Day in Lyon - Univers de Guignol

Restaurant Café du Soleil

Restaurant Café du Soleil, nestled in the heart of Lyon’s picturesque Old Town, is a quintessential spot to savor authentic Lyonnaise cuisine. This charming restaurant, known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, offers a delightful culinary experience that showcases traditional regional dishes. Among its standout offerings is the Quenelle plate, a beloved Lyonnaise specialty. These delicate, oval-shaped dumplings, made from a finely ground mixture of fish or meat, combined with breadcrumbs, eggs, and a touch of cream, are typically poached to perfection.

One Day in Lyon - Restaurant Café du Soleil

Monkey Club Cocktail Bar

As the sun begins to set, we venture into the Monkey Club Cocktail Bar, a haven for mixology enthusiasts seeking a taste of Lyon’s vibrant nightlife. Behind an unassuming facade, we discover a world of creativity in every glass. Talented mixologists craft exquisite cocktails, infusing them with local ingredients and a dash of imagination. The air is filled with laughter and the clinking of glasses, as we toast to unforgettable memories.

One Day in Lyon - Monkey Club Cocktail Bar
One Day in Lyon - Monkey Club Cocktail Bar
One Day in Lyon - Monkey Club Cocktail Bar
One Day in Lyon - Monkey Club Cocktail Bar

Daniel et Denise Restaurant

To conclude our day on a high note, we treat our palates to an extraordinary gourmet experience at Daniel et Denise Restaurant. This renowned establishment celebrates Lyon’s culinary heritage through impeccably executed dishes that showcase the finest seasonal ingredients. From classic Lyonnais specialties to innovative creations, each plate offers a symphony of flavors that tempt our senses and leave us in awe of Lyon’s gastronomic prowess.

One Day in Lyon - Daniel et Denise Restaurant
One Day in Lyon - Daniel et Denise Restaurant

Is One Day in Lyon enough?

One day in Lyon can be enough to get a taste of the city’s rich history, culture, and food scene, but it really depends on your interests and travel style. Here are some things to consider:

  • Time of year: Lyon is a beautiful city to visit any time of year, but the spring and fall months are generally the most pleasant.
  • Interests: If you have specific interests, such as history, art, or food, you can tailor your itinerary to focus on those things.
  • Pace of travel: If you prefer to travel at a slower pace, you might want to add an extra day to your trip.

Ultimately, whether one day in Lyon is enough for you is up to you. But with a little planning, you can definitely have a memorable experience in this beautiful city.

How long did you need in Lyon?

For a brief overview of the city’s highlights, one day can suffice to visit landmarks like Vieux Lyon, the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, and a stroll along the Rhône River. However, to fully appreciate Lyon’s rich history, culinary delights, and vibrant cultural scene, spending at least two to three days is ideal. This allows time to explore its museums, and experience the distinct character of its various neighborhoods.

If you decide to spend more than one day, consider to visit a controversial art center called La Demeure du Chaos situated located in the city of Saint-Romain-au-Mont-d’Or, just 15 km outside of Lyon.
If you want to explore better Lyon’s gastronomy, the Paul Bocuse Culinary School Restaurant is a must-visit. Founded by the renowned three-Michelin-star chef Paul Bocuse, known as the “Pope of Gastronomy,” this place offers an exceptional culinary experience.

Is Lyon a walkable city?

Lyon is considered the most walkable city in France! Many of its most interesting areas are concentrated within a relatively small area, and the city center is quite flat. This makes it easy to get around on foot and explore at your own pace. Here are some reasons why Lyon is so walkable:

  • Compact city center: The most interesting parts of Lyon, such as Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon) and Presqu’île, are concentrated within a relatively small area. This means you can easily walk between many of the main sights without needing to take public transportation.
  • Flat terrain: Much of the city center is flat, making it easy to walk around without encountering many hills.
  • Pedestrian-friendly streets: Many streets in Lyon are pedestrian-only or car-free, making them safe and enjoyable for walking.
  • Public transportation: While you can easily get around Lyon on foot, there is also a good public transportation system if you need to travel to further-flung areas. So if you’re looking for a city that’s easy to explore on foot, Lyon is a great option.

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