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Macabre Milan: Spotlight on City’s Halloween Haunts

 The mysterious path of Halloween

Milan may seem like a safe city today, but in the past, it had a darker side full of ghosts, demons, and witches. Over time, the legends surrounding these eerie tales have been forgotten. For those seeking a spooky experience, San Bernardino alle Ossa is a must-visit. This small church, located in Piazza Santo Stefano and built over a cemetery, features a chapel completely decorated with bones and skulls, creating a bone-chilling atmosphere.

Macabre Milan: Spotlight on City's Halloween Haunts

Milan has long been associated with the devil, with one of the oldest battles between Sant’Ambrosio and Satan taking place at the site of the Basilica dedicated to the patron saint. During the fierce fight, Satan became trapped by his horns in a column and was forced to escape through one of the holes created by his own horns.

Macabre Milan: Spotlight on City's Halloween Haunts

Sant’Eustorgio Basilica, an ancient Milanese church steeped in history and tradition, boasts an early Christian necropolis and a grand tomb that contains the relics of the Magi. One of the church’s most intriguing features is the Portinari Chapel, a Renaissance masterpiece that houses a puzzling fresco. This painting depicts a Madonna and Child, both adorned with horns, adding to the chapel’s enigmatic allure.

Macabre Milan: Spotlight on City's Halloween Haunts

Via Bagnera, located in Milan’s city center near Via Torino, holds the distinction of being the narrowest street in Milan. This labyrinthine alley, paved with stone, can be a bit eerie at night. In fact, during the first half of the nineteenth century, the notorious serial killer Antonio Boggia used this street to hide the bodies of his victims. Despite his capture and public execution on the lawn of death between the current avenues Bligny and Viale Beatrice d’Este, the street remains a popular spot for visitors. But don’t worry, even the scariest parts of Milan become safe again with the rising of the sun. Happy Halloween!

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