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Jelena Vicentic, the Powerful Art of a Speed Queen

The realism of a speed queen
The realism of a speed queen
The realism of a speed queen

Convinced and energetic, Jelena Vicentic is not only a polyhedic artist but also a truly unique woman. I have met her in Milan in more than two occasions and during our conversations, her passion for the art is immediate. She is a contemporary artist whose work has garnered international recognition for its hyperrealistic portrayal of motorsports. Born in Belgrade, Jelena discovered her love for painting at a young age and went on to pursue a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Belgrade. It was during her studies that she became fascinated by the speed and power of motorbikes, which would become the central focus of her artwork.

Jelena’s work is characterized by a bold use of color and form, often featuring large-scale abstract compositions that are both playful and serious in equal measure. Her work draws on a variety of influences, including Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism, and contemporary street art.

The realism of a speed queen

Palazzo Parigi Milano

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