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Exploring Honfleur: A Gateway to the Seine Estuary

Honfleur, the mouth of the Seine
Honfleur, the mouth of the Seine
Honfleur, the mouth of the Seine

Honfleur is a charming and picturesque seaside town located in the Normandy region of France. It is famous for its well-preserved Norman harbor, which has been depicted in many paintings by famous artists, including Monet. The heart of the old city is the Old Port (Vieux Bassin), which is a perfect place to relax after exploring the town by foot. You can sit on a bench and watch the people and the tenuous atmosphere at sunset, or enjoy a calvados at one of the many bistros overlooking the harbor.

The Église Sainte-Catherine is a must-visit attraction in Honfleur. This Romanesque church has a roof that looks like the inverted hull of a ship. It is a unique and impressive sight, and the church has a rich history dating back to the 15th century.

Another attraction not to be missed is the Musée Eugène Boudin, which houses an impressive collection of paintings that immortalize the views of the area. The museum is named after Eugène Boudin, a local artist who was one of the first to paint en plein air (outdoors). His paintings are displayed alongside works by other famous artists such as Monet, who also visited Honfleur and was inspired by its beauty.


Calvados is a type of brandy made from apples and is named after the department of Calvados in Normandy, France. Honfleur is famous for its production of Calvados, and visitors can enjoy tasting and learning about this traditional beverage at the many distilleries and cellars in the area.


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Calvados Normandie
Musée Eugène Boudin

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