The Amazing Dolls Of Antonella Cinelli: Tracing Femininity

Dolls of Antonella Cinelli

Antonella Cinelli is an artist whose work centers on exploring femininity through her unique dolls. These dolls are not the ordinary ones we played with as children, but rather, they are exquisite sculptures that embody the essence of femininity.

Each of Cinelli’s dolls is a masterpiece, showcasing the artist’s attention to detail and her ability to create intricate designs that capture the complexity of the female spirit. Through these dolls, Cinelli explores the different facets of femininity, from its softness and charm to its strength and resilience.

One can’t help but be captivated by these dolls, as they seem to have a life of their own. Some are dressed in fairytale dresses made of iron and light, while others wear clothes made of wire that capture the soul of light. The dolls are motionless yet lively, embodying both the fragility and strength of the feminine spirit.

Cinelli’s installations and paintings also offer a glimpse into the soul of femininity. Her paintings, often featuring women framed sideways and revealed only by details, depict the remnants of lives lived. The stories told by Cinelli are not limited to the canvas but extend beyond, inviting the observer to play a role in imagining the lives of these women.

In the muffled atmosphere in which these dolls and women cradle, one can almost hear the noise of a fading day. Traces of the day remain in the worn-out makeup at the corners of the eyes, in the slow movements, in the folds of a dress that is pulled out and absentmindedly placed on a chair, in the high heels – fellows of an everyday sensuality – abandoned not far from the feet that have just worn them.

Antonella Cinelli’s dolls and paintings offer a valuable grammar around the theme of femininity. They invite us to contemplate and appreciate the different facets of womanhood and the beauty that lies within. Through her work, Cinelli traces the feminine soul, and we are lucky to witness her masterpieces.

Dolls of Antonella Cinelli
Dolls of Antonella Cinelli

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