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    Ayahuasca Bar, Lima

    When it comes to romance, the meeting spot for lovers in Barranco is the Puente de los Suspiros, made from wood where couples congregate as the sun descends. Just a few…


    Lima, infinite breath of art

    Stretching from the beautifully-preserved colonial centre to the coloured houses that cling to the hills around the periphery, Lima is an amazing metropolis. There isn’t an underground transport system in Lima,…


    Antiquity and gastronomy, Ljubjana

    The flea market offers antiques, works of art and other items of value to collectors or just nostalgic. The furniture, objects of decoration or pottery testify the trends in design of…


    The temple of Crowned, Lodi

    At the end of the Fifteenth century in “Contrada dei Lomellini” (now Via Incoronata) there was a house of ill fame. An image of the Virgin Mother was frescoed on its…


    Royal appartments of Umberto and Margherita

    Paintings, sculptures, furnitures, objects, clothes, jewelry, documents and photographs accompany the visitor through the rooms of the Royal Palace. Content and container blend together in a unique form where one leads…


    Frida Kahlo, Rome Exhibition

    Frida Kahlo gives herself to contemporary culture through an inextricable link between art and life among the most fascinating in the history of the twentieth century. Yet her paintings are not…


    Athens by night, from Monastiraki to Gazi

    After sunset in Athens beats a rich nightlife. The archeology attractions frame the lights giving to the city a very interesting view. Starting from Monastiraki, the Hadrian library becomes the perfect…