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Backdoor 43: The Smallest Bar in the World

BackDoor 43, the smallest bar in the world

At number 43 Ripa di Porta Ticinese, you will find a doorway decorated with bottles and shakers. Inside the doorway, there’s a sign on another door that states “STOP! The smallest bar in the world”. On your left is a small serving hatch in which appears a barman wearing a V For Vendetta mask. He will either give you the key for the locked door (you need to book ahead), or take your street drinks order. This tiny place of 4 m2 square is one of the most incredible bar I have never seen.


The bar’s interior is just as small as its exterior, with a bar counter, a few stools, and a display of bottles lining the walls. Despite its limited space, Backdoor 43 offers a unique experience for those looking for an intimate setting to enjoy expertly crafted cocktails.

BackDoor 43, the smallest bar in the world

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